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VON OBEN takes you up the Amazon rankings!


Conversion rate, marketplace advertising, ASIN, customer orientated, results-optimised and totally focussed ... Got it? Here at VON OBEN, we don’t throw around technical terms or play bullshit bingo - we just get to work. As a young and dedicated Amazon SEO agency, we go the full mile to get your brand to the top.

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million active users
marketplaces in Europe

Amazon operates

differently to


Customers search for products more frequently on Amazon than on Google. Why is that so?

It’s simple: If, for example, you are looking for a pasta recipe, Google will help you on your search. However, if you are looking for a new frying pan, you will find exactly what you need on Amazon. The marketplace is becoming increasingly important for shoppers and shop owners:
Amazon is represented in 180 countries and has 330 million active users. The parameters in need of optimisation for this are, however, totally different and we understand them well.

Your benefits with us:


Optimal discoverability


More revenue


Constant growth




Image control


Improved new customer acquisition

To the top in 5 steps:

Product optimisation

We analyse your target group’s ways of thinking, interests and search and purchase trends.

Marketplace marketing

You’re performance on Amazon is already quite good but we believe it can do much better.

Setup service

Von Oben is your direct line to Amazon!


Think big and global.

Full service packages

We take care of everything!

Do you want more customers, coverage and revenue on Amazon?

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