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With these services, we optimise your marketplace on Amazon:


Product optimisation

We analyse your target group’s ways of thinking, interests and search and purchase trends.

That’s how we understand users better. We even take a closer look at the competition on Amazon, other online shops and similar marketplaces: How are these set up, which keywords are used to sell their products etc.? Then we closely examine your products in terms of characteristics: Materials, uses, intended applications, designs etc. This gives us a complete overview, from which we can derive potential search requests and create specific product descriptions and relevant keywords. With this targeted Amazon marketplace optimisation (MPO), you will climb the rankings and your conversion rate will improve. In other words: A search and a click isn’t yet a purchase! We use our complete expertise to turn your visitors into buyers.

Marketplace marketing

You’re performance on Amazon is already quite good ...

… but we believe it can do much better. Therefore we develop a strategy for and with you, establish medium and long term goals, determine a budget and plan targeted campaigns. If you like, we also take care of PPC. Pay per click advertisements or sponsored products give you extra revenue and improve your visibility. By using other marketing techniques, such as external traffic (e.g. Facebook ads for your products), affiliate marketing (an internet and commission-based partner programme) and deal management (links to bargains), we can increase your performance even more. Monitoring and reporting will be conducted at pre-determined intervals and you will be given the appropriate optimisation tools based on the results of these.


Setup service

VON OBEN is your direct line to Amazon!

We take over the complete registration process, create an Amazon account or turn your existing account into a business account and connect it to your existing online shop. If you like, we can upload all your items or update photos and text completely. Lastly: Due to our reliable cooperation with Amazon, we can speed up the standard 90-day waiting time for the Buybox.


Think big and global.

The internet knows no national borders, nor does Amazon: In addition to Germany, the platform has marketplaces in Europe, the USA, Canada, China, Japan and India. The convenient storage conditions for Amazon Prime products pave the way for you to expand internationally as a seller. Benefit from our expertise and enjoy global success.


Full service packages

We take care of everything:

The setup, development of the SEO-optimised product range structure, listing, quality assurance and optimisation. Furthermore, we manage reviews, validate customer ratings, answer customer queries, process orders and deal with negative reviews and complaints. If you like, we can test select partner products and write appropriate and validated reviews. We take long-term care of your account in a way that is both committed and performance-orientated.

Just give us a try!