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That’s why VON OBEN:


VON OBEN isn’t about floating above reality. We are down-to-earth, casual and hardworking. Our name represents our expertise and holistic overview of your company, your products, Amazon marketplaces and an understand of how the A9 algorithm works. Therefore, we work hard and put our experience and valuable contacts at Amazon at your disposal. And all this is performance-based and without risk to you.

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Because we are hungry!
Because we come up with the best ideas under pressure!
Because we are never offline.
Because we see the bigger picture.
Because we have a great chemistry!
Because we are free of any affectations.
Because we think outside the box!
Because we keep our promises.
Because you can become a peak performer with us!
Because we explore new horizons!
Because we only charge after success.
Because we also include manager advice.